Empowering Communities and Building a Sustainable Future

With over 20 years of experience in investing and financing, Zyxxyxx Corp, LTD has been leading the way in driving change towards a more sustainable future.

Zyxxyxx Corp’s mission is to build the future of housing by creating vibrant communities and improving the lives of our residents. Our vision is to be the leading private equity real estate investment company specializing in the responsible development and redevelopment of design forward assets. We accomplish our mission and vision through Our values: Innovation and people-centered design; highly focused customer service; uncompromising integrity; opportunity for our people and communities; a company that ‘gets it done’.

Zyxxyxx Corp’s expertise includes Affordable Housing, Mixed Use Development, Placemaking, Historic Preservation, New Construction, Storytelling, Design, Property Management, Urban Planning, Workforce Housing and Impact Investing.

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We are dedicated to finding solutions for every problem, empowering communities, and driving a sustainable future.